Justice Criss Cross…

Tawseef Wani

The deprivation of justice has thrown human values away, the  growth of women victimization in the year 2008 and 2009 still alarms the haunting of ghosts still reminds the agony and still makes us ashamed about the rule of justice making”

Physically drained and mentally exhausted while returning back all the way from university. On my way back home I found an innocent, poor girl begging. And when I went to sleep, the intimate and soothed line of popular Bollywood song “pholon ka taroon ka sab ka kehna hai ek hazoroon main meri Behna hai”, struck my mind below the threshold of consciousness.

The fantasy state started comprising the crescendo with the melodious tune to strike a chord in my heart. Suddenly, I fell into a deep thinking by the emotive power of such a melodious song and I imagined a life with a unique artistic creature of God, a young modest girl. She was like artistic attraction of God’s museum with all the knacks, virtues, intrinsic worth and behavioural mannerism requisite for the dignified survival of life.

Her pleasing visage, gleaming eyes brimming with sympathy and sweet voice were enough to refresh my distressed soul, to compensate all the quotidian miseries rained over me. We both started playing and she relished the ride piggybacked by me. Then she pleaded to play hide-n-seek, I hid myself behind the huge black rock for long time, she thoroughly searched me but to no avail which blurred the smile on her face. Her shinning face started diminishing; her harmonious mind started disturbing. I stopped peeping behind the rock and walked towards her, but she was weighed-down. Somehow she smiled to please me; however, that wasn’t the real smile, but a made-up one.

I tried to apprehend her agony as something was haunting her inner conscience. I pleaded her to disclose the cause of sadness that was quite reflected by her eyes. She was static and went on staring at me with tearful eyes without uttering any word. Her nonverbal expression was highly communicative; speaking about the girl in despair, but my immaturity failed to recognize her anguish.

Every short span of time she presented herself in different incensed looks. I slot-in every single neuron to recognize her; sometime I realize she might be a spirit or a different creature and many more irrational notions like that hit my mind. I fail to recognize her in a right perspective she went off with angry eyes, grimy and unkempt mood and disappeared in a way of desperation quipped her name as NAFRAT.  Sweat droplets start emanated from the forehead in probing the meaning of name in a state of anxiety. Edginess surfaced as the name was totally different and I felt a sense of fear.

Amid complete darkness I woke up confused; my disability wasn’t cooperating with my very presence. Feeling tiredness I took a glass of water and started walking in the desolate courtyard in dark night. It didn’t help; I came back to bed room. I held a newspaper printed with the broken smiled photograph of a girl which reminded me of a dreamed girl. I imagined again back to rewind the memory to acknowledge her, the more I invested the thought to recognise her more comfort I would feel.

Abruptly the number of names struck in my mind viz: Nelofer, Asiya,Farzana, Romana and Tabinda – NAFRAT an Urdu word which means ‘hatred’, they have in their hearts for this scheming world, for the culprits who have oozed out their life mercilessly and against the administration which is making travesty with the things and which shields the roaming culprits.

The photograph represented the dreamed girl who still has the ray of hope, but bound with the web of despondency. She still waits for the justice by spinning the threads of hope. Her broken smile mirrors the effect of Dr. Iqbal’s saying: Hope is fed by constant wishing and desiring. Despondency is the poison of life.

How disheartening, we appear helpless in booking the culprits. Truly, we have to face the wrath of our apoplectic sisters for not accomplishing our responsibility. Their souls are waiting for the justice only on having deep belief on hope, which we pray succeeds.

Let us pray the scot-free culprits be sealed,

Let us pray the aggrieved be healed,

Let us pray victims be havened.


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