Where are we heading?

Zia Noor Qadri

“We are the sufferers, we the losers and we the Kashmiris.”

Few nations have lived with the dream of freedom, we even died for that. Since the beginning of armed struggle in early 90’s the situation here is warlike. More than one lakh people lost their lives, innumerable disabled. Our women lost their chastity. But what happened in year 2010 is worst of all.

The Bullets were used to trample innocence and Shells to wrap the dead; Negotiations to bury dear one in the dead of night.115 youth lost their lives to the target killing of CRPF and Police. Ironically, the killers are justified and the victims maligned.

If we look at the series of events, even a common man like me can infer that India has double standards towards Kashmir. Mr. Chidambaram is regarded as the sane person except when it comes to Kashmir. On killing of CRPF in Dantewada he decided to resign, but alas! When Kashmiri youth were targeted by the forces that are in his command he found it unnecessary to console the bereaved.

There is blanket ban on killing of stray dogs as Indian Activist vow for their rights but we the humans are of no significance. The Indian Government terms the protests as the nefarious design of miscreants. If India believes that Kashmir is their integral part, is it with people or only the land? How long wills this forced marriage between a man in 90’s and a girl in teens, last?

 Party president of one coalition partner enjoyed summer vacations in Europe and other partner making every effort to keep morale of killer forces high. Senior minister of Government enjoyed in gulf when the land which he represent s was burning. . Thus this command of Quran has proven true about this group of hypocrites: “And when they meet Muslims they say we have become believers and when they are alone with their Satans they say no doubt we are with you. We are just taking the fun. Allah takes the fun of them and develops their imprudence. Fact is that they have no vision”( Al-Quran)

The representatives, while campaigning promised that there will be no unemployment; they fulfill their promise by eradicating the job seekers. After six years, there will be new men in command but the game will be same.

It is not only a common Kashmiri who is threat for India, but even the people who in other way hold the high profile. Barring few, all the dignitaries including the divisional head of Kashmir was made to walk by foot when in recent past Dr. Manmohan Singh was here to attend the Convocation. The state police in the eyes of national security are suspected let alone the peaceful protesters.

More disappointment comes from the pro freedom camp.  Our clueless Hurriyat(s) just gave time table, but of no significance. The mass uprising of 2008, which would have been the result oriented was sabotaged by the same people who this year carried new calendars. Any leader whosoever he may is answerable to people about his doings. Education suffered this year as well. Why at that crucial time it was made an excuse to halt the movement. But Alas! Again halted reason, they know the best or their God.

All this is too complex to understand in real terms. Thy, while debating on New Delhi based news channel revealed that the opposition wanted to de throng Omar, that is why they are instigating stone pelting.

Enough of Chalos, Hartals and all that, what concrete measures do our leaders offer. This only makes us more and more dependent. Don’t make this Afghanistan where only livelihood is to grow the hazardous plants. Freedom can’t be achieved only by hartals and chalos. We have to make a strategy which is long lasting and not the one which is made to die down deliberately.

While attending funeral prayers Hurriyat made a point that they are in separate groups, circled by different supporters. If death fails to unite you, what else can? One group says we will support only genuine program, I fail to understand what is genuine and what not?

I firmly believe that before asking for freedom from the rule of India, we need to seek freedom from ourselves. We should rise as a nation. Our self interests should be kept at back seat. No Hurriyat M and Hurriyat G, just one group as a whole nation. Understand the grass root level, before any untoward incident should happen. Up to this moment people respect your word, don’t stretch to the level where your existence will be irrelevant.

No more classification, No rural and urban no Shia and Sunni just Kashmiri. When a lone son of parents is killed, my parents should feel as if they have lost their son. It should not be that we are safe, let others suffer. Leaders should not be hell bent to show their fan following but keep the cause dear and sacred.

Consider Problem of Jammu and Kashmir in totality. One incident is dependent on the other. Rein in the parties and be a one group. Otherwise if it comes to decision level, we will be fighting with each other, which will represent. This is a tactic of oppressors to make everyone leader here so that the masses are always divided.

We have lost so much but for sake of Allah don’t waste the sacrifices by resorting to illogical and fruitless ways. Rulers of this place are from the clans who have made us to suffer, at least if you term your self as sympathizers of people, be like that.

Time is fleeing fast, act now or History is witness to the facts that you will be remembered as traitors and need additional security to guard your mausoleum. Be more realistic and less egoistic. Come out of comfort zone and be with the people of Kashmir and don’t keep your doings only to extent of senseless strikes and Chalos. Take every opinion into consideration and move on.


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One Response to Where are we heading?

  1. ikhlaq says:

    good piece…dared to speak the truth

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