Let’s Uncomplicate

Shakoor Rather

“To find the universal elements enough; to find the air and the water exhilarating; to be refreshed by a morning walk or an evening saunter… to be thrilled by the stars at night; to be elated over a bird’s nest or a wildflower in spring – these are some of the rewards of the simple life.”     ….John Burroughs

We often refer to times of yore as ‘simple and happy’. Life was more basic back then and harder in many ways, and so people had to know how to take care of their needs and of those around them. Families stuck together, emotions galore, care for each other was paramount and communities flourished. People would want to drive life into a corner, and trim it to its concise form and easier terms. They didn’t want to live what was not life.

Today a dreadful nightmare, a sneaky headline in the morning newspaper, an odd rumour on phone, a lost opportunity, is enough to set us rolling and rumbling. Not to mention the peer pressure to excel in the so called competitive (read complicated) world, and the pseudo feel to compete, we are suddenly on a reverse rally. Welcome to a dreadful dilemma called ‘life today’, where you pursue a practice full of ways leading to a better life, but actually bereft of all living.

One wonders with all the Gizmos and Gadgets at our disposal, modern healthcare, fast bucks, fast food, unique Identification numbers, nanotechnology, diverse career opportunities and with all the fast paced syndromes catching up with us, where this intellectual bankruptcy is creeping from. Are we really helping our cause?  Are we satisfied? Why are we convinced enough of our happy go lucky life ishtyle, which is full of complications? Where are the loopholes in our modern way of living? Why are we hell bent upon indulging in self destruction? After all where are we heading with all this baggage that we carry? Well, only a sane person can ponder and only an insane mind can answer. Sanity surely goes for a toss here. We occupy a world where we destroy health to gain materials and then use the same to regain the lost health, wow an interesting but a curious notion to understand, isn’t it? Amidst all this, If at all we have succeeded in anything, it’s in complicating our existence and if at all we have been able to build anything, It’s a weaved web, which spins a matrix of frustrations around us.

I may sound like a cynic, but I am surely not saying that we should castigate and eliminate all modern technology from our lives. Some of it in many ways has brought some real meaning to life–the Internet, for example has made life much easier and plentiful. But I feel that there is too much of everything today- too many things, too many voices, and too many activities available to us, we need to put a filter on what we allow into our lives. We need to eliminate those things that are not truly beneficial to us. We would be better off if we do not accept all aspects of modern life with open arms–especially the consumerist idea that says possessions bring happiness.

We enjoy a virtual rollercoaster ride, bound to give us Strife ‘n’ stress. Social networking may be ruling the roost but socializing is in limbo. Likewise our relations are at peak of their complications. People who once mattered most don’t matter anymore. The knit social structure is missing. Over a period of time our egos have cornered us into oblivion. Virtual World is taking over; our relations are subservient to diodes and silicon chips.  Actually there are ways to perish and the modern day living is the perfect way to pursue such ambitions.

Let’s try to redeem some sense out of this world otherwise it’s all going to bring us to the backstreet Burner where everyone just knows his own address, where others are  aliens and where everything else seems irrelevant. Nothing is more important than the life itself.  It’s high time we realize the fact that we should stop merely existing and start living; otherwise we may well end up becoming suicide blondes- dyed by our own hand. We need to understand our purpose, cut down our struggles, cut down on strife, know our limitations, fly light and work to a script that life can justify. This mad world race will lead us nowhere. Why crave for more if we cannot handle what is in hand? We have to be careful in what we wish; we may really get what we want. Let’s Come out of this bigger Poker game, I am sure nobody would like to lose in one hand of it. Let’s Uncomplicate.


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