Letter to a heavenly friend

Tawseef Wani

Dear Nazir,

Today, I will come to your grave. I will come to pray for your soul, not because it is any special day. But just because it is a Friday- on a same Friday you fell to bullets-20th August. I will come to honor your sacrifice. You and I were only acquaintances while you were alive. But that Friday the fate you met left an indelible impression on my mind; of remembering you forever. The moment you were fired upon from a point blank range didn’t frighten me, but the 30 seconds of your struggling pain gave me wakeful nights. You were shot at head, I was shot in mind. You died on the spot; I am still struggling with psychological pain. I never cried. My chest has become unbearably painful and my throat tightens; I can’t even croak, but I haven’t cried. I wanted to, just couldn’t, because I am grown up man. Now I believe in a fact of embracing death anytime and anywhere.

My feet shiver to walk through the lane your blood soaked body fell upon. Its not fear, but a respect to a soil soaked with your blood. I haven’t forgotten you: nor the other hundred innocent killings. I just wish to talk with you before I write about that fateful day. I want to spend a little time with you before you die again, to be with you till I describe you fully.

I know you are happier with God in heaven than you could be on earth. Still, I will bring you a message from your mother on this Friday. She still loves you! She still remembers you! You will always be her dream. She gathers courage to live by looking at hundred other comrades, each of whom was some Momma’s little boy, as you were her. She misses you too much…

Your friend


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The language of words is more heavenly than the language of tongues and lips. The Parallel Post is a forum to offer a space for people who dare to speak through their words. The intention is to create an environment to share in words what we perceive in our minds...

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