A Message !!!

Zubair Bhat

I never had thought that my life would end ever like this. Sitting in my empty room, gazing at the stars through my window that are conveying a message which I could I never understand, there is a strange feeling that seems to overtake my soul. My eyes are numb with a senseless skin covering my hollow body. All I wanted to separate my thoughts from the unknown fear that is creeping deep inside me. I had seen the world through my eyes but my heart never favored me.

Dumb, lost in the materialistic glamour of this universe, I never cared for the real life-life beyond my imagination, life beyond my thoughts and life that is waiting for all of us. My senses are recalcitrant with me. I was looking for recourse but I forgot that it is too late now. Someone is knocking at my door. With each knock my heart is pounding faster as fast as it could.

I smell of death and burning flesh, I found myself in a trance, not able to move. Trying to hold my breath but can’t fight this battle. I felt alone and my mind is blank. I need time to recollect my memories but this is real not any fantasy to remorse. There is calmness surrounding me with darkness prevailing all around. With my eyes closed I could see the torches in flames and men crying and chanting prayers with their hands held high towards the dark sky. I wish this to be only a crazy dream but it was real and felt being dragged towards the evil that mesmerized me throughout my life.

 I tried to fight hard with the shrouded figure in the mist of darkness but nothing could stop me from meeting my fate. I turned my face towards the barren sky just to see the wicked calling my name. Wasted my life in bad things on earth, always wanted to organize changes which I never could. Now the time has come to exorcise this demon that I considered my dear and return myself to the creator. I am feeling the pain that is cursing me and dream of rain that would relieve me. I tried to salvage myself but was tied to the gallows of sins.

 I lived alone in a desolate place with my innocence massacred and shadows of iniquity covering my sane. There is blood on the stones and gates of hell are open for me. There are men waiting to tear me apart and burn me inside. I have messed around mystic things throughout my life. I am being rewarded for this nightmare deep inside. And I know devil is cursing me and God pitying my plight. He is holding my soul on the edge and won’t just let me be. I wish I could understand the message of the stars who would always remind me of Dooms day.


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The language of words is more heavenly than the language of tongues and lips. The Parallel Post is a forum to offer a space for people who dare to speak through their words. The intention is to create an environment to share in words what we perceive in our minds...

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